Declining By Degrees response

If you have not seen the educational video Declining By Degrees, you can read the synopsis here. Personally I have only watched the first one-third of the video, which is what I will be responding to.

To my surprise, over half of all students that go to college, leave without graduating. If over 14 million students attend college every year, then only 7 million of them actually graduate. That’s a startling number of dropouts. Statistics show that one in four students do not even make it to their second year of college. The stats also show that 20% of students that attend college “drift” through their classes. This means that they put little to no effort forth to pass their class. This could be the reason why companies and businesses are saying that college graduate still do not have enough skill to work efficiently in the world after college. Is it possible that college students are not getting the right kind of education that they need? If a college education is essential for a middle class life style, then why is it that some students who have this level of education cannot obtain a middle class job? Is the school at fault, the teachers, or is it our students who are the problem?

Either way, Declining By Degrees is very informational video and will make you think twice about the college experience.

All information above was retrieved from the video Declining By Degrees.


Free write revision from Sept. 23

When I write, usually it is last minute. I walk to my room, throw down my backpack, and open my laptop. When I think about a prompt or what I have to write about, I develop several different ways to talk about each topic, and I choose what seems to flow the best. I don’t play music, I don’t watch TV, I don’t have my phone on me, it’s just my computer and I. You can’t completely focus on something when you attention is divided between several different tasks. By writing everything last minute, you get this kind of rush, a competitive pressure, that pushes you to create some of your best work. Last minute writing isn’t the most responsible, and it isn’t proactive at all, but it’s what I do. Other miniscule routines I have are: eating, hovering over my desk, and popping my back. I always feel in a better state of mind when I do these things.

Free Writing Revision

I wake up every morning and ask myself “Why do I do this? Why do I get up at 7 in the morning and get to class on time?” I get out of my bed, take a shower, get dressed, and sit at the desk in my room. I look up at the red hot wheels car, still in its box, pinned to my cork board. That is my goal, that is my dream. Sitting there in that box is the toy version of the car that I will spend my whole life striving for. With that car comes a life style, a commitment, and a passion. Looking at that tiny toy car motivates me to go out and attend class and learn, so that I can one day have a career that will allow me to seize my goal. For the time being, nothing else matters, not a college job, not the parties, and not even the social status I’m at now; the only thing I care about is the future. Without hope, a preset goal, and without a reason, why are we here? What is there to hold onto to motivate you to take your next breath? Well, all I know is I’ve found my inspiration, and while it may seem foolish to those who hear of it, I don’t care. It’s my goal and my dream, so I am the only one who can call it foolish. I control my future with what I do right now in this moment. I’ll admit that stress and laziness occasionally will hinder me, but nothing will stop me indefinitely, there is nothing I cannot overcome to achieve my goal.